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Stays true to the source very good job!!!!!1!!

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Well it gave me some laughs so I cant be too hard on it but why isn't there any sound?? The art isn't really my thing but for this game I think it fits.

I would make more choices as well, for some weird reason I kinda wanted more

This is not the man I wish to make, he doesnt even have a booty

Your games are always so baffling. Theres always an interesting narrative and I always enjoy your music. I was very surprised and excited to see one of your games on newgrounds! That said, I'm still very confused....

stewardhklarlover responds:

You are correct. My games are so baffling because they speak to the entire human race, both past and present. The narrative is extremely complicated. I am very happy you enjoy my music. It's understandable that you are confused, my friend. My games, movies, and music require extensive research. Thank you for your comment!

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Pretty relaxing and the sounds are really nice!

hektikmusic responds:

thanks for listening, i appreciate the feed back :D

I think this is really more of a mambo on your FACE
I'd roll with the mambo thing more if you could cuz this sounded cool

Wow, this is a very good track! I really like the beginning part (sorry I dont know the actual musical terms for this)
I can definitely hear the prog rock in this

WarmanSteve responds:

Thanks! The intro, maybe? Or if we want to get fancy we can call it the first movement :P Either way, glad you liked it!

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This has a very soft feeling to it, and the colors are appealing and it is an excellent color combination
Good work!

sirhenrystudios responds:

Thanks man, I appreciate it. Keep an eye out for the finished animation!

Very simple design, whatever is on the album will enhance your piece. Nice color!

Oh my gosh, Ive seen a lot of your art and I've always thought it was funny and bizarre. You have a knack for making shit so repulsive yet you just gotta look at it. Good line quality as always, keep up the good work!!!


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